Not More Back to School…

So September is here and there have been plenty of articles here and elsewhere about starting school, so this post isn’t about it! Instead it is full of craft ideas to try and hang on to the last memories of summer (practicing those fine motor skills incidentally at the same time!).

The first thing to do is to dig out all the souvenirs of the summer holidays; the train tickets, museum leaflets, postcards, foreign coins, stamps and sweet wrappers. Gather all these bits together along with shells, sand, feathers and any other treasures that bring back memories of the summer’s activities. Once you have got all these things together here are some ideas to put them to good use.

Use some of the souvenirs to create collage pictures, for example, of:

  • the seaside – use sand and shells to create a beach, add scrunched shades of blue tissue paper for the sea and a picture from a leaflet of lighthouse or lifeboat etc do bark rubbing with a brown crayon and cut out boat shapes, do rubbings on walls to make rock pools and cliffs,
  • a suitcase with ‘old fashioned’ travel labels stuck on – use the train, plane, museum tickets to decorate a suitcase outline made of brown paper– if you don’t have any tickets to use then design your own!
  • a farm – stick real grass to make the field, twigs collected to make fences and trees, use the feathers to make chickens and cotton wool for sheep.

Have fun and be creative there is no right or wrong way to make a collage (and making a mess is part of the enjoyment!).

Paint the pebbles you brought home from the seaside, if you didn’t bring any back go and rummage in the garden for some! Large oval ones can be easily turned into ladybirds or spiders without much trauma, or paint faces and add wool for hair and make paper hats and other accessories, clowns, pirates and princesses often go down well. Flatter stones / pieces of slate can be used as the canvas for an entire picture, draw things from the holiday e.g castles, seasides or mountain views or any other favourites e.g. trucks, fairies or elephants – the only limits are your imaginations.

Collect together all the postcards you have been sent by friends and family from their travels and match them to a map of the world / the UK. They could also be used as inspiration for art and craft activities from different countries e.g. aboriginal art from Australia, batik from Indonesia, decoupage from France and chocolate making from Belgium! Or find craft ideas from appropriate periods in history e.g. making natural dyes from berries or weaving strips of cloth.

Alternatively use all your bits and bobs to make a scrap book of the summers events, just write the date of the activity on a page and arrange the items to look nice.


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