Helping your child succeed at school

If your child has just started at school you may be wondering how to help them succeed. I wrote this post 5 ways to help your child do well last year and I think that it is still relevant today. I believe that you need to start as you mean to go on so the routines of meal times and bedtimes are important to establish from the very first weeks (and perhaps more so given how tired the new-starters are likely to be even if they have been used to attedning nursery before).

The next most important thing is communicating with your child about school – show interest in what they are learning, how they feel and how proud you are of everything that they are achieving. Our post what did you do at school today might help give some pointers if you aren’t getting many answers. To celebrate their achievements help them build a collection of the stickers they are given at school in a notebook or on a poster or just by sticking them together somewhere, congratulate them on their successes and pass on any positive comments from their teachers.

It is also important to take an interest in what they are doing at school and see if you can build on that at home (assuming they want to) – there are whole host of smartphone / tablet apps that can help develop first learning skills including phonics and numbers, plus games and other learning resources that you can use at home to practice skills whilst playing.

Last of all in addition to extra-curricular activities – make sure that your children have time to play outside, watch a bit of television, play with toys and even to be ‘bored’ from time to time as this develops their imagination.


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