Learning through Rain?

Another week of rain… I’ve posted before about things to do when it’s raining (indoor sports day, 5 indoor things to do and 10 rainy day ideas for starters if you are looking for ideas) but as I was walking back from school sloshing through puddles in my wellies and waterproofs I thought about the learning that can be gained from rainy days – so here are some ideas…

My First Magnetic CalendarMonkey Weather Chart

Little children can enjoy simply looking at the weather and recording it each day on a calendar with a weather chart – this teaches them about the different weather types and the labels to use to describe weather. Or they can use a fun weather chart like the one above where they have to ‘dress’ Mr Monkey for the correct weather conditions learning about the appropriate clothing for the different types of weather.

Slightly older children can keep a diary of the weather each day and then make a graph of the different weather types at the end of the month – how many rainy days were there compared to dry days? You could also do this over one day looking at the weather every 15 minutes or half an hour – did it really rain all day or was it really lots of little showers?

Make a rain gauge from a large empty squash bottle with the top cut off, collect the rain every day for a week / month and then measure it with a ruler to see how much rain there actually was.

And if your children are interested in finding out more about how the rain forms – check out this post at Science Sparks to create your own mini water cycle!


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