World Smile Day

Today is World Smile Day® a day that was created by Harvey Ball (who designed the original smiley face logo in 1963). He thought that everyone should devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout the world, regardless of politics, geography and religion. The idea for the day (the first Friday in October each year) is that people all around the planet perform acts of kindness and help others smile.

10 things that make me smile:

  1. Children singing nursery rhymes
  2. Being told ‘I love you mummy’
  3. Those first little messages left on a whiteboard by children learning to write
  4. The ‘treasures’ (stones, twigs, conkers, leaves, pine-cones etc) that children collect on a walk and then guard with their lives!
  5. Orders from Littlesheep Learning (especially when they order my favourite products)
  6. Sunny days
  7. Watching children learn / achieve something new
  8. Bunches of flowers (even those that consist of dandelions, buttercups and daisies picked by enthusiastic preschoolers)
  9. Comments on my blog
  10. Chocolate!

What has made you smile today?


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