MAD Cakes

In my MADS goody bag was a jar of cake mix – a gorgeous looking jar with several different layers of ingredient (with what looked suspiciously like chocolate chips in the top).

Sadly mine was missing the QR code but I was tweeted the link to the instructions and the list of the other ingredients I needed so I was ready to go and whilst the two biggest Littlesheeps were at a Scout day out Littlest Littlesheep and I did some baking.

I’ve posted before about kids and cooking with a very simple recipe, this one is a bit more complicated but just as much fun and lots of opportunities to develop motor skills.

Cracking eggs…


Scooping into cases…

And here is how our cakes turned out…

The competition then suggests that you decorate them… sadly the cakes didn’t last long enough in our house as they were eaten as soon as they were cool enough!

I’m sure we won’t win but the cakes were yummy and the idea of ‘cake makes in a jar’ gives me an idea for Christmas presents from the Littlesheeps to teachers and other family members!


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