The theme for this week’s The Gallery is yellow so I have gathered together some yellow things and written this post about learning activity ideas that are focused around the colour yellow.

Activity ideas

  • Eat bananas for snack time
  • Go on a hunt for yellow leaves
  • Paint a yellow sunshine
  • Go on a hunt for yellow toys and items within your house
  • Discuss the different shades of yellow (paint charts are great for this and can be used to match different colour yellow objects to the different shades)
  • Draw pictures using different yellow colouring pens, pencils and crayons
  • Play with yellow bath ducks in a washing up bowl of water
  • Make a yellow collage using scraps of yellow paper, yellow feathers, yellow pompoms and any other yellow craft materials you can find
  • Play with yellow toy diggers in the mud
  • Get some lemons and make lemonade, lemon curd or lemon drizzle cake


2 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. There are some serious overlaps between you’re and Mummy Barrow’s Gallery posts this week, namely yellow ducks and paint charts! Made me chuckle! 🙂


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