Dressing Up (on a budget)

Recently I’ve seen lots of posts on facebook, twitter and on blogs about dressing up days and whether to buy or make costumes – the consensus being that if you buy them they look better but it all works out very pricey.

Dressing up is a great learning opportunity for children, they can practice role play and problem solving plus have the opportunity to use their imagination – plus dressing up gives children the chance to practice dressing skills in an informal manner.

Here are 5 tips for dressing up on a budget:

  1. Before throwing away old bags, hats, scarves, costume jewellery think about whether it would be suitable for adding to the ‘dressing up box’ – adult t-shirts can also be used to make great tunics and dresses so it’s worth saving a few of these too!
  2. If you ‘must have’ a particular character have a look in charity shops and charity nearly new sales for costumes – you will save lots of money, save landfill and help a charity all at the same time
  3. Swap / borrow costumes from friends and family – this can be particularly useful for school ‘theme’ days e.g. dressing up as a Victorian, an Evacuee or a Roman that happen annually for different year groups
  4. For ‘one off’ days e.g. book day or halloween accessorise clothing your child currently has to create a temporary costume rather than creating an entire outfit – e.g. dark coloured jogging bottoms and sweatshirt can have paper bones stuck on with tape to create a skeleton or a tail pinned on to make a cat.
  5. Buy ‘out of season’ costumes in the sales in a bigger size than you need (I got a fantastic cat tabard / headgear set once for £1.50 in a reduced section after halloween which we have used for The Cat in the Hat, the nativity cat and several other times when dressing up as a cat was appropriate.

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