Write your name…

According to news reports today 15% of boys struggled to write their own name from memory, compared with 8% of girls and 38% of boys were not at a level where they could “attempt writing for a variety of purposes” – including a basic letter to Santa – compared with 19% of girls.

Ten suggestions to help children to learn to write their name:

  1. Check they can read their name – can they pick their name card out from a mixture of other names?
  2. Practice ‘spelling’ their name using magnetic letters or letter flashcards
  3. Make the letters from Wikkistix and use them as tactile letters to feel
  4. Trace over a laminated name card (write the name with a highlighter or dots before laminating) using a whiteboard pen
  5. Write the letters needed into shaving foam
  6. Practice writing on a chalk board or whiteboard attached to a wall
  7. Copy underneath a printed name card
  8. ‘Write’ using a stick in a sandpit
  9. Get into the habit of ‘writing your name’ at the top of every piece of paper / worksheet
  10. Praise any attempts at name writing

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