Bug Busting Day

Today is National Bug Busting Day – which isn’t about going on a bug hunt in the garden but instead is one of three days (31st January, 15th June and 31st October) every year to encouage synchronizing of headlice checks / treatments which makes it more likely to break the cycle and prevent lice from circulating from head to head and back again.

Headlice live on human hair and feed off tiny amounts of blood drawn from the scalp laying tiny white eggs (nits) and they’re a very common problem, with women and children more likely to get them than men. Large numbers of children are infected with headlice annually, and more and more parents are turning away from chemical treatments to the Common Hygience Concern plan – combing.

The Common Hygiene Concern is a not for profit organisation set up in 1988 to protect people from headlice and who have created a Bug Buster Kit for parents and schools – a kit that doesn’t contain chemical nasties, but actually contains is four unique combs! They say that the best way to avoid headlice is to hold regular and consistent combing as part of family bath-time.

Don’t forget to check your children’s hair regularly!


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