Linky: What have you done today that makes you feel proud?

It isn’t business related as such – although as explained in the post The Other Me running my own business is one of the things that gives me the flexibility to be a NCT volunteer I thought I would write an update about my trip to the House of Lords to the NCT Star Awards national event where I was the winner in the Most Supportive Volunteer category.

The Awards were presented by Baroness Cumberlege, NCT’s Patron, together with Belinda Phipps, NCT’s Chief Executive, Guy Opperman, MP for Hexham, and Catherine McMahon from Pampers.

My award ‘blurb’ said

Elaine does an amazing job as a regional coordinator and has worked hard getting all of her local branches working together. They now regularly have events linked and advertised with other branches and have Nearly New Sales on consecutive weekends. She speaks to volunteers regularly either on the phone or by email. She has talked numerous people into volunteering or out of quitting through difficult patches. She is encouraging and supportive especially with new members and always willing to spend time working with other volunteers in their various roles.

Belinda Phipps, Chief Executive of NCT said:

NCT Stars Awards are a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the achievements of our hard-working, creative and committed volunteers. All our volunteers make a huge difference to the charity’s work, providing a much-needed support network for local parents, and we would not be able to reach as far and wide as we do without them.

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2 thoughts on “Linky: What have you done today that makes you feel proud?

  1. Well done, Elaine – that’s just brilliant; all those people you have helped who come into contact with the NCT – I know they have been wonderful for me, so you certainly deserve to feel proud. xx


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