Favourite Christmas Books

We have a box of Christmas books that appear by magic on 1st December and then disappear with the Christmas decorations in January (partly because I can’t cope with reading them all year round!) so here are five of the favourites:

  1. Father Christmas (Raymond Briggs) a lovely cartoon tale of Father Christmas’s antics on Christmas eve.
  2. Father Christmas Needs a Wee (Nicholas Allan) a Christmas counting book with all the drinks and foods Father Christmas has been left at the various houses and how when he gets home he is desperate for a wee – very popular with the Littlesheep boys!
  3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Dr Seuss) a Christmas rhyming book – a must for all Dr Suess fans.
  4. Aliens Love Panta Clause (Claire Freedman) if you have a little one who likes Aliens Love Underpants then this is the Christmas book for you although this time they aren’t stealing underpants they are giving them away!
  5. Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas (Terry Deary) this book is great for older children (or daddies!) who love Horrible Histories / learning about yucky things in a fun way (we have the older edition but I’m sure the spirit of the book is the same!)

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