The French president, in a recent speech at the Sorbonne, called for abolishing homework for primary school students as part of a broader set of education reforms and he isn’t alone as here in the UK , Kirstie Allsopp has also campaigned against homework in primary schools.

I think it is an interesting thing to be discussed and one thing that all schools / teachers seem to have a differing opinion on with some children as young as reception being sent home with multiple reading books, handwriting sheets and tasks and others getting none at all.

The biggest two Littlesheeps get one piece of literacy, one of numeracy and one of RE (Catholic school) – generally with the literacy and RE one of the pieces is writing and one is discussion based and often the homework involves completing  work on the Mathletics and Reading Eggs website that the school subscribes to. Littlest in the EYFS class gets a reading book changed once a week and some optional ‘challenges’ each week (usually things like singing the songs they’ve been doing in school, looking for the letters they’ve been working on and things like that).

I think their school generally gets the balance right – would I be happier if there was no homework? I think that if they had no homework then I would probably be encouraging them to do similar types of activities anyway – after all I have a background in education, we do lots of incidental learning and of course a benefit of having a small business we have a whole cupboard full of educational games but I know that not all children have parents with the resources available to them to know how to support their child’s learning in which case guidance from school in the form of homework is probably a good thing so long as it doesn’t intrude too much on family life.


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