Underground Learning

This week saw the 150th Anniversary of the London Underground and it reminded me of the fun the Littlesheeps have had on the underground and the learning that it can promote:

So here are some of the things we discussed on our trip:

  • colours – all the lines are coloured and even the smallest children can look at the underground map and discuss the colours
  • counting – when entering the train we told them how many stops until we got off and then they counted
  • fine motor tracing – pick up or print out a tube map and get them to trace the different lines with their index finger – this is a great pre-writing activity
  • reading – lots of unfamiliar words are great for practicing phonics and chunking to develop reading skills
  • route planning – problem solving how to get from the starting station to the finishing station (and whether the quickest way is changing more often or going through more stations)

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