Favourite Blogs

MAD Blog AwardsI’m very proud to have been nominated for ‘The Best School Days’ blog in The MADS 2013 having been a finalist in the now defunct ‘Best Business Blog’ category in The MADS 2012.

I am thrilled to be nominated and there is still time for you to get your nominations in… so please do go and nominate if we are your favourite!

Last year I wrote about who got my votes and I thought I would share with you here some of my favourite blogs from my blog reader (sadly I can’t nominate them all so I’ll leave that to you to decide)…

The Five Fs – I knew Kate before I knew she was a blogger (perhaps before she was a blogger?) but her blog is a great read with a mixture of things about her favourite five things – Family, football, food, fitness…. and fun! I love reading her posts about cooking because I know that I should really me more effort.

Patch of Puddles – Merry has been blogging *forever*, I first came into contact with her on mums in business forums and she is my hero as a working mum because she seems to juggle a much bigger business than mine with even more children than me. I love reading about her children’s adventures in the world of home education.

Coombe Mill – Fiona won the Best Business Blog at last years ceremony and I love reading her blog about life as a family on the farm and the developments of her holiday cottage business… plus think her photograph montages are fabulous (must learn how to do that!).

For craft, activity and other incidental learning ideas you can’t go far wrong reading Red Ted Art (although Maggy is a judge so sadly can’t win again this year!), Play Activities, Rainy Day Mum and Science Sparks. For ideas linked to books (and ideas of books you’ve never heard of that your children might like you need to read Playing by the Book.

For blog and business support there is Geekalicious and Mumsclub in my reader, plus I love to read LiveOtherwise, MymumdomEdspire and many many more.

There are hundreds of blogs nominated so check out The MADS nominees if you are looking for new blogs to read and don’t forget to nominate your favourites before 18th February!


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