Museum on the Move

This week we had half term and we didn’t go and visit a museum – one came to us! The Museum on the Move was in town parking up at the local Children’s Centre so we went along to see what was going on.

First of all were some activities within the children’s centre…

We decoupaged a shoe box with pictures from newspapers, magazines, catalogues etc and other stickers to make a family time capsule. The idea was that the pictures that covered the box were relevant to your family (ours has Skylanders, Lego, cartoon characters, rugby players amongst other things on it) and then take it home to fill with photos and objects important to your family now, put it at the back of a cupboard / on the loft and look at again in the future. Some ideas of things to include are:

  • a newspaper
  • photographs of friends and family
  • small figurines or toys
  • a comic
  • a list of favourite songs
  • coins and postage stamps
  • a description of your family
  • photos of the house, school and town
  • a list of activities you enjoy as a family
  • a supermarket shop receipt

Then the Littlesheeps had to decorate a paper bag to be their goody bag (it was filled by the museum staff with a bouncy ball or some bubbles, a jester walking finger puppet to colour in plus leaflets about the heritage services offered by the local council.

We got there towards the end of the session so by the time we had finished the ‘making’ activities there sadly there wasn’t time to see the historical artifacts that were out on display but we did have time to hop onto the bus.

The Museum on the Move is a special bus which has a new exhibition each year and travels around the county visiting different community groups.

This year’s exhibition is ‘Just Art’ and it uses objects and interactive activities to explore the history of painting, sculpture, drama, music, dance etc through displays of contemporary pieces and museum artifacts.

There were exhibits in cabinets, colourful displays on the walls, dressing up clothes, magnetic words and musical instruments to play with plus the museum curator did some magic tricks.

It was certainly a different way to get Kids in Museums!


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