Learning Something New – Week 1

So what have we learnt on week one of the summer holidays?

The first thing I have learnt is that posting what we’ve done each day each evening isn’t going to happen so what I’ll do is post a round up post at the end of the week and then more details of anything that warrants it over the next week.

So week one…

Monday – We went to the library and joined in with the library summer reading challenge (more details to follow). Did you know – nearly 800,000 children took part last summer?

Tuesday – We learnt how to make lemonade. Did you know – if you heat water and sugar the sugar dissolves?

Wednesday – The Littlesheeps planned what they wanted to do in the holidays and I learnt that we can just about get to the seaside for the day from our house by train. Did you know – you can get from Coventry to Bournmouth without changing train?

Thursday – Middle Littlesheep learnt how to make shortbread (and nearly managed it on his own). Did you know – you only need flour, sugar and butter to make shortbread?

Friday – We went for a walk in a wood and identified some trees and these pretty ‘tiger caterpillars’. Did you know – that the difference between a wood and a forest is to do with the historical hunting rights of the crown?

What have you done and learnt this week?


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