New Year Plans

DiaryI would like to have all sort of well meaning New Year’s Resolutions to do more exercise, eat more healthily, play less CandyCrush (and similar), shout less at the children and be better at housework but realistically this isn’t going to happen.

I could keep it simple and vague – keep everyone alive, have some fun, spend time making memories – hopefully achievable but not really measurable…

So here is what I think is achievable for the year – and hopefully blogging it will help make it happen…

  1. Increasing our repertoire of family meals – target = at least one new recipe a month
  2. Progressing on our home improvements – targets = write to do list, new double glazing, Miss Littlesheep’s bedroom
  3. Giving each child individual time with Mummy or Daddy – target = once a month per child
  4. Moving on from being Littlesheep Learning – targets = clear stock, close website, save the best ideas from my previous blogs to incorporate here
  5. Start work on my ‘before I’m 40’ plan!

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