Things We Want to Do 2016

2016We had a family discussion about what we wanted to do this year (some of it all of us as a family of six others as individuals / smaller groups) so I thought I’d put the list here to make sure that we achieve it… in no particular order:

  • go to the seaside
  • go the zoo
  • watch the Harry Potter movies
  • go to the Natural History Museum (the earthquake zone as it was shut last time)
  • make Star Wars biscuits (kit from Christmas)
  • see the new Star Wars films done 2.1.16
  • watch all the old Star Wars films
  • go to the Wimbledon Museum
  • watch some professional tennis live (fingers crossed for Wimbledon ballot!) done 2.7.16 – very lucky boy got a trip when Grandma managed to get Wimbledon ‘People’s Sunday tickets
  • complete dinosaur excavation kit (Christmas present) done 17.1.16
  • do a Where’s Wally jigsaw
  • get new windows
  • go on a Steam train

I’ll add to this if they come up with anything else!


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