The Confident Mother

Last year I joined in with Sherry Bevan’s online conference The Confident Mother which was FREE and had lots of really interesting speakers – although sadly I can’t remember much about it and on reflection I think I still have some of the recordings from sessions I missed downloaded ‘to listen to when I have some spare time’ it inspired me and made me realise that I was ‘good enough’.

Anyway Sherry is running it again this year and this year launched last night  but there is still time for you to sign up and listen to some fabulous speakers between now and 29th January and the theme is celebrating and loving life as a woman and as a mother. There are five themes to the speakers:

  • Work – being valued for the work that you do (whether you have your own business, a career, or you are a stay at home mum)
  • Wellness – knowing how to have the strength, wellness and health to go out and do what you want
  • Contribution – your purpose or calling; the contribution that you make to the world
  • Family – relationships with your children and with your partner
  • Feminine – accepting, embracing and actually enjoying being a woman (not just a  mother) and the challenges and opportunities that brings.

I’ve signed up for a heap of sessions and hopefully this year I’ll get to listen to more of them and I’ll try and blog about my thoughts from and plans from them too.

I missed the live call but listened to it this afternoon and here’s where I’m at…

Sherry showed a pie-chart split into the five themes she has identified that will be covered by speakers in the conference divided perfectly into fifths and explained that this would be a perfect balance but that different people will prioritise and split it differently and indeed the same person would split it differently at different times in their lives – pre-children featuring work heavily, plenty of time and money for wellness and being feminine, then with a young family these being cut out / down and family taking the biggest slice. I’m not sure whether it was what Sherry was intending (and I’m afraid I wandered off a bit during the live coaching session) but this really struck a chord and got me thinking about how my pie-chart has changed over the years and what the influences are and what I need to redress to make a happier and healthier me.

My ‘work’ section (running my own business) was squeezed out by my ‘contribution’ and ‘family’ sections – it stopped being rewarding to me so I squashed it out replacing my spare time with volunteering that was rewarding hence the decision to close it down… as I’ve got now a job with a fixed number of hours a week work has demanded it’s slice back. As we all adjust to this as a family I need to re-evaluate the hours I am spending on contribution because there isn’t much else to cut from BUT (and it’s a big BUT!) Miss Littlesheep has started her funded pre-school hours and I’m not employed for all of them so that frees up some time and now I have a regular income contributing to the household I can potentially justify spending some of this time and money on ‘me’ and some of my feminine / wellness slice.

So my action from today is to make sure I build on the femininity and wellness segments of my life and make the time to listen to more of the conference sessions with those themes… I’m also going to try and work out when to use my gym membership but ssshhhh that’s too hard to commit to out-loud!



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