Nick Wilkie (NCT CEO) tweeted a photograph of himself with Prunella Briance yesterday…

and it reminded me of May 2010 when Gwen Rankin one of those who responded to Prunella’s advert placed in The Times to form a Natural Childbirth Association who spoke at The Big Weekend (NCT’s annual conference) in Telford. I’m sure others wrote about the weekend at the time but I remember as I sat there listening I realised that the enormity of the founders achievements was dawning on Gwen – all these people were there in that room listening to her because she with a small group of others had made such a massive contribution and it was amazing – the small advert to find other women who were interested in natural childbirth had grown to a movement of thousands of people across the UK influencing maternity services and supporting parents (both mums and dads) through those first years as a new parent – I was involved in forming a new little branch and the pride I felt about that and the measurable difference locally to new parents from when there wasn’t a local branch was one thing but for this to have then grown to a national scale – well just WOW…

At the same conference I was lucky enough to hear Davina McCall interview Ina May Gaskin – and you can see some of that here…

Amazing amazing amazing women – my contribution so far is tiny by comparison but who knows what the future holds.


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