Another Meal Plan

Last Monday was a day in tennis history with both Johanna Konta and Andy Murray making it through to the quarter finals this meant I was somewhat pre-occupied in the morning, then it was lunch-time before taking our own junior tennis player to his lesson, back to pick up the other boys and then it needs to be an early dinner for Beavers so my ‘new meal’ pasta bake didn’t happen as I didn’t prepare it. In fact it didn’t even manage to be a pasta bake at all – it was just ‘pizza pasta’ (tinned tomatoes, veg stock, herbs – mix and simmer; pour over cooked pasta, sprinkle in grated cheese so it melts)… and then I messed up the online delivery order so we didn’t have any new ingredients for a new meal so in terms of a ‘new meal’ we ended up with…

Our random Chicken Pie IMG_2107

I put the chicken pieces into a pyrex dish, covered with vegetable stock, threw in some peas and sliced carrots and topped with sliced potato and put it in the oven for about an hour…

Verdict – the stock was a bit too watery and I probably should have either topped with mash or par-boiled the potatoes as they were a bit weird but it was eaten by everyone with varying levels of enjoyment.

This Week…

  • Monday: Meatball Pasta bake
  • Tuesday: Pizza
  • Wednesday: SOMETHING NEW… Chicken & Wild Rice One Pot
  • Thursday: Sausages, jacket potatoes and veg
  • Friday: Fish Fingers, chips and baked beans (again…)
  • Saturday: Tuna ‘risotto’?
  • Sunday: Lasagne?

For next week I’m going to look at Hunters chicken – we did sort of used to do ‘chicken in BBQ sauce – I’ve found these two recipes Hunters-Chicken-Wedges and Best-ever-hunters-chicken so I’ll see what I come up with.

mpm-different-fonts.png-1024x1024And once again I’m going to add my post to #mealplanningMonday and go and search out some new inspiration from there too.


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