Meal Plan FOUR!

Wow I’ve managed to plan four weeks in a row or three if you don’t count this one… last week didn’t quite stay on the plan because I hadn’t got the chicken out of the freezer and the sausages needed eating first… and we ended up having ‘chicken in gravy’ on Saturday not risotto for various reasons… I think I can plan a rolling four days but a whole week is hard work!

Last week’s ‘New’ Thing was my version of Chicken and Wild Rice One Pot… The recipe I found when I got the inspiration for this meal called for allowing time to marinate the chicken for an hour and given I’m a last minute throw it all together person I had to skip that step and we didn’t have all the ingredients so I sort of made it up as I went along!

Chicken and Wild Rice One Pot (my quick version!)

IMG_2231Put a pack of chicken breast fillets in a dish, glug over olive oil, sprinkle on herbs and pepper. Put a pack of mixed long grain and wild rice into a pyrex dish, cover with vegetable stock, in blender whizz up a red pepper and some celery (leave some as chunks just to see if the Littlesheeps will eat it!) and stir it in. Place the chicken on top of the rice, cover with foil and bake in the oven for 45 minutes until rice is cooked.

Verdict – I thought it was yummy and the best of our new dishes so far… The Littlesheeps officially don’t like pepper or celery chunks and I think this clouded their judgement (as did the ‘black bits of rice’) but I think they liked the chicken – there wasn’t too much left apart from Miss Littlesheep’s but she isn’t a generally a fan of rice and I think some big brother ‘it’s yucky’ influence may have come into play.

IMG_2257And as an extra bonus this week on Saturday we also had microwave chocolate pudding courtesy of Littlest Littlesheep who needed to make a chocolate recipe for his homework!

This week…

  • Monday: Tuna Pasta bake
  • Tuesday: Pizza (and pancakes)
  • Wednesday: Omlettes, waffles and veg
  • Thursday: SOMETHING NEW? (with sausages?)
  • Friday: Fish Fingers, chips and baked beans (surprise…)
  • Saturday: Tuna Risotto
  • Sunday: Hunters chicken

mpm-different-fonts.png-1024x1024Trying new things has become normal in our house now – Middle Littlesheep saw the chorizo in Tesco the other day and said we should have a food from other countries week again… so what’s your best recipe with chorizo in it?

I’m going to add my post to #mealplanningMonday and go and search out some more ideas!


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