A Half Term Meal Plan

This week is half term so things are a bit different to usual but first of all a round up from last week. We actually stuck to the plan all week and had two new meals – well one was a slight variation on a favourite but the other was totally new.

The first new one was Sausage Pasta Bake – I did it the same as I would usually do for Meatball Pasta Bake but I added a teaspoon of chilli powder to the tomato sauce and used cut up cooked sausage instead of meatballs. As I say – not a totally new meal but it was all eaten up even Miss Littlesheep who only likes ‘clean’ pasta!

The ‘new’ new one was Hunters Chicken – we often have chicken covered with BBQ sauce but I thought I’d try making something ‘from scratch’.

Hunters Chicken (and potato wedges)

IMG_2351Heat 400g of passata, 1tsp of garlic salt, 2tsp of smoked paprika, 2tbsp soft brown sugar, 2tbsp balsamic vinegar until it bubbled and then I poured it over the chicken breasts in a pyrex dish and topped with rashers of bacon.  Cook in the oven for 35mins until the bacon is crispy and then sprinkle with grated cheese.

Verdict – Everyone ate it up without complaint (the wedges were a different matter!) – there was possibly a bit too much sauce but that is fine as I’ll mix that with some pasta when they have pizza later in the week. Definitely one to cook again.

This Week… (subject to change if children have suggestions!)

  • Monday: Pizza (home-made)
  • Tuesday: Lasagne
  • Wednesday: Brinner
  • Thursday: Meatball Pasta Bake
  • Friday: Fish and chips (probably from the fish and chip shop – half term treat)
  • Saturday: Eating out (my little sister’s birthday)
  • Sunday: Chicken in gravy with vegetables and jacket potatoes

Off to #mealplanningMonday and go and search out some more ideas!


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