#40ACTS Week 2

It’s week two of Lent and the #40ACTs here’s what I got up to this week – these ones seemed tougher – I hope it doesn’t continue to get harder!:

#DAY5 Quiche

This act was about sharing food, I’d already done the obvious sharing food with the food bank so I focussed on spending time with the children today making dinner: home-made pizza, being thankful that we have plenty of food and that I have a family to share a meal with.

#DAY6 Cupboard Love

Today we were encouraged to clear out our cupboards and give things in them that we don’t need to people who do need them – funny how again I was drawn to the food bank and remembering a task from last week when I did this in the kitchen. It was a challenge to think of something to do today – I have fairly regular clear outs of the children’s stuff mostly selling it at NCT Nearly New Sales (which donates a portion of the sales to the charity) or donating it to charity shops and just before Christmas we had a ‘Bag2School’ collection so I cleared my unworn clothes from my wardrobe then – then just as I was going to bed I remembered that there was a raffle at the Family Fun Day at work on Friday so I found a book and a colouring set in my ‘present cupboard’ to donate to that.

# DAY7 All Ears

Listening was the challenge today and I tried to make a concerted effort to listen more to my family (and encourage them to listen to me / each other too)… I also listened to my Mum’s Lent message (she already knew about #40DAYS as she has a friend doing it).

#DAY8 Dirty Cash

Today’s challenge wasn’t necessarily about giving money but thinking about what good it could be used for. I’ve been so used to not working and not having any money of my own that I’ve left our charitable giving to Mr Littlesheep whilst I have given my time to the organisations that are important to us. Today gave me the prompt to think about where I could give – I think I want to look for small projects where a little bit of money will make a difference.

#DAY9 Dial Up

When I saw the title of today’s task I wondered what the challenges would be and made mental lists of the people I should have phoned and wondering who I could find time to phone today -and then I saw that the task wasn’t that it was actually about taking the time to think / pray for people – so today I tried to be mindful and think of the people in my circles as I came into contact with them.

#DAY10 Spur On

Saying three nice things to people shouldn’t be hard should it?



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