Month two over already! How are we doing on our New Year Plans

1. Increasing our repertoire of family meals – we’ve done really well in February – Chicken and Wild Rice One PotSausage Pasta Bake and Hunters Chicken and Sweet Chilli Chicken and Coconut Rice with various levels of success

2. Home improvements – I didn’t take a before picture bit this is where we are at now with Little Miss’s new fairy bedroom…IMG_2536

3. Giving each child individual time – Half term meant some time away for the middle two so I had more time with Biggest (we had a film night and watched Eragon) and Little Miss – actually going out together to a Family Fun Day focussing on her. I’m not sure that I can honestly say that Middle had some proper one to one time (apart from me taking him to his gangshow rehearsal on his own) and Littlest’s was probably only me going to his First Holy Communion session with him on his own)… Must Try Harder – March has the Easter Holiday’s so hopefully I can work something out…

4. Moving on from Littlesheep Learning – we moved the leftover stock from the cupbaord in Little Miss’s bedroom so that we could decorate it which means it’s now on an obvious set of shelves in our bedroom – motivation to get rid of it! I listed the first bits on ebay and have sold some which is a good start.

5. ‘Before I’m 40’ plan – more thinking…

I also got reminded via timehop on Facebook of our adventures two years ago when I did a Project365 – taking a photo everyday and this made me realise that I wasn’t taking as many photos anymore so I started that again on 1st February…




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