So month 3… Updating our New Year Plans

1. Increasing our repertoire of family meals – Pizza Pasta and Chicken and Sesame Chicken – phew still making it above the target of one a month…

IMG_31542. Home improvements – Little Miss Littlesheep’s bedroom is making (slow progress) but she has a light and new chrome sockets / lightswitches – we’ve also brought the curtains and bedding. Next step – flooring and furniture.

3. Giving each child individual time with Mummy or Daddy – think we did fairly well although I can’t remember the specifics for all of them… I definitely watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with Middle Littlesheep…

4. Moving on from Littlesheep Learning – still ebaying.

5. Before I’m 40 plan – still happening…

Photo taking… well let’s just say I’m not very good at the Project 365 thing… maybe every few months I’ll make the effort…

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