Back to School Meal Planning

I neglected to post the Bank Holiday Meal plan as we didn’t really have a plan last week as it was the holidays and different children were going to be in different places at different times – but it was pretty much a typical week although being only with Middle and Miss Littlesheep on Friday we had Fish and Chips from the Chip Shop as a treat.

Recapping on the week before… things more or less went to plan – we didn’t go out on Thursday in the end so had Hunters Chicken then and we raided the freezer on Saturday for leftovers!

IMG_3116Chicken and Sesame Pasta Bake (NEW!)

This was really simple – cook tin of condensed soup (diluted with milk), stir in tin of sweetcorn and cooked chicken breast pieces, mix with cooked pasta and top with a mix of cheese and (the sneaky sesame bit) sesame seed breadsticks (left over from Christmas as *no-one* likes sesame seeds) whizzed up.

Verdict – everyone ate it without complaint except biggest Littlesheep who said the topping was yucky… he had his reheated later and the pasta had gone a big stodgy so I think maybe the soup needs to be a bit more diluted if I was to make it again.

Last week…was pretty much a typical week of meals (although we did have Fish and Chips takeaway on Driday

  • Monday: Meatball Pasta Bake
  • Tuesday: Pizza
  • Wednesday: Tuna Risotto
  • Thursday: Cheesy Peasy Pasta
  • Friday: Fish fingers, chips and beans
  • Saturday: Eat out (still have those vouchers to use!)
  • Sunday: Something NEW!… off in search of inspiration

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