Month 5 is over (did I ever write the post summarising April?)

So how are we doing on the challenges for the year?

Increasing our repertoire of family meals – target = at least one new recipe a month

  • My meal planning blogging has been pretty rubbish but I did do a few experimental meals (‘Stir-fry Pork with Ginger’ and ‘Mediterranean chicken’ – which included anchiovies, capers and olives – albeit whizzed up in a blender for this first attempt)

Progressing on our home improvements – targets = write to do list, new double glazing, Miss Littlesheep’s bedroom

  • Ummm… think we came to a bit of a standstill… added bathrooms to the list as we now have two broken showers…

Giving each child individual time with Mummy or Daddy – target = once a month per child

  • Again I can’t remember the specifics apart from taking Biggest Littlesheep to a variety of tennis matches… we did go and see Middle Littlesheep in his choir performance as a family day out though.

Moving on from being Littlesheep Learning – targets = clear stock, close website, save the best ideas from my previous blogs to incorporate here

  • Carrying on the ebay clearance…

Start work on my ‘before I’m 40’ plan!

  • Must get working on that one… but I did buy myself a bracelet…


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