Horrible Histories – Groovy Greeks

horrible historyWe were lucky enough to be given tickets to go and see the Horrible Histories show Groovy Greeks at The Royal & Derngate Northampton on Saturday as my MIL won a family ticket in a competition.

The show based on the Horrible Histories series of books by author Terry Deary (who provides the voice of thundering Zeus in the show) takes a modern’family’ of mum, dad, a teenage girl and her boyfriend seemingly out of the audience for the punishment of being late and  whizzes them through ancient Greek history under the instruction of the voice of Zeus (with them dipping in and out of the Horrible Histories book to help them out with answers on their quest).

The family learn the key points of Mycenaean culture with the events on the mythological and actual timelines – the fall of Troy, Theseus and the Minotaur – famous Ancient Greeks including mentions of Homer, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Aristotle and Socrates, the origins of the modern medicine from the Hippocratic beliefs about the four humours and the first Olympics.

The show is full of jokes and songs and has an almost pantomime feel with audience participation, singing along and shouting out and the parodies of popular culture – with references to the television shopping channels, Simpsons, Hunger Games, Big Brother, Casualty and even has the Greek Gods competing in a raucous version of Greece Has Got Talent! In the second half the ‘big screen’ back drop takes on een more importance with the the 3D glasses we were given adding giant spiders, bats, arrows spears and boulders leaping out at us as we travelled through the labyrinth to fight off the Minotaur with Theseus and fought off the Persian invaders with the Spartans.

At the end Littlest Littlesheep turned to me and said “wow only four people did all that” – a testament to the quick costume changes and the skills of the cast – Tom Moores, Holly Morgan, Elliot Fitzpatrick and Evelyn Adams.

A great afternoon out and they’d all go back and see another Horrible Histories show… fingers crossed we can get tickets again.


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