30 Days Wild

30DAYSWILD_ID2 tealI had grand plans that I was going to follow the #30DaysWild and post a blog each day of our adventures in the wild and finding the wild in our neighbourhood but clearly like most of my good blogging intentions that didn’t happen.

June was a funny month with a wide range of weather which lead to lots of conversations about how butterflies and bees like the sunny days but slugs and snails like the damp and rainy days. We saved a bee from the path and popped it on a flower and we saves a snail from the drive way where it might get crushed and put it in the hedge.

In no particular order – here are 30 wild things we did see in June though:

  1. poppies
  2. deer
  3. rabbits
  4. sunshine
  5. snails
  6. butterflies
  7. spiders
  8. mallards
  9. willow tree
  10. rainbow
  11. bees
  12. hedgehog
  13. daisies
  14. clouds
  15. buzzard
  16. dandelions (and blowing dandelion clocks)
  17. squirrels
  18. slugs
  19. ladybirds
  20. rain
  21. thistles
  22. moorhens
  23. bat
  24. oak tree
  25. fish (in the river – maybe a stickleback or a minnow?)
  26. puddles
  27. stinging nettles
  28. hailstones
  29. swans
  30. blackbird

and there were even more I’m sure.


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