We are now half way through the year… I think this is probably the time when New Year Resolutions are long forgotten and true to form my commitment to my challenges for the year has somewhat dwindled…

I can’t remember if I managed to introduce any new family meals this month but I think it might have been at the start of June that I tried to cook a Mediterranean pasta bake using up the anchovies, capers and olives with a tomato sauce… probably the less said about that the better as it wasn’t very popular!

Thinking of meal times we approach the school holidays at the end of July the children reminded me of our World foods week we did a few years ago so I think we’ll try that again at some point over the holidays.week2[1]

On the home improvements Miss Littlesheep’s bedroom now has it’s laminate flooring fitted (and we finished the edging on Biggest Littlesheep’s!). If we are going to have new windows for the winter though we really need to get working through some of the other projects!

It’s been a busy month with birthdays, a First Holy Communion, Cub Camp, starting Cubs… I think amongst all of that the children did all have some times on their own!

Littlesheep Learning carrying on the ebay clearance… and decisions starting to be made about how to close the website.

Work on my ‘before I’m 40’ plan! Ummm… well there is still time to work on that isn’t there!


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