When I Grow Up…

I saw this video on the CBeebies facebook page:

and it showed in a really thought provoking way about the way our children’s thoughts about career paths open to them start so early on in their lives.

I had three boys before having a daughter and I think as Little Miss grows up there will be no chance of her feeling that choices are not open to her because she is a girl because she wants to do everything they do – even if she is currently obsessed by pink, fairies and ballet and wanting to be a princess when she grows up!

Also, having had three boys first I think it is also important to recognise that boys can be whatever they want to be too and have similar issues surrounding job stereotypes. I’m sure if you asked the children to draw a ballet dancer, a nurse or a hairdresser you’d find that statistics of gender in the illustrations would be reversed.

So when your children talk about what they want to be when they grow up make sure that they know that whatever they want to do they can!




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