Word of the Week: Try

I’ve never joined in this linky before but I’ve just seen it on Twitter so I thought I’d give it a go.
tryMy word for the week is ‘try‘ – it seems quite apt for the first time I’m attempting to join in with this linky and it’s also appropriate for this blog which is about trying to record my journey as I try to work on future goals.
Trying is important in our house – whilst I hope that my children will be good at what they want to do they all know that so long as they try their best I will be proud of them for giving it a go. If they don’t win the competition or get the highest grade in an exam or whatever  then its OK so long as they tried their best. I also provided this as reassurance  to a Year 6 child last week who was disappointed about his SATs results and worried about what his mum was going to say – Nobody can be asked to do more than trying their hardest.
I also tell my children that if something doesn’t go their way then they shouldn’t give up but keep on trying and you never know what will happen next time. So with this in mind I made the decision to try again and stand in the election to become a NCT trustee – voting emails start going out today (although the final results aren’t known until October which seems an age away). If you are a NCT member – please take the time to read the candidate information when you get your email and use your vote (hopefully for me!).
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5 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Try

  1. Great word to choose and it sounds very appropriate for your week. I’m the same with my kids, just reassuring them that their best is all that I ask of them, whatever that might be. All the best with the election! Thanks very much for joining in with #WotW


  2. Welcome the linky =)
    I wish you lots of good luck for the election. Though you are right October does seem ages away!!


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