Summer Holiday Plans

So here we are at the start of the school holidays!

For the first time ever I’ve got to juggle work with the long summer holidays – luckily I only do 9 hours a week and my employer is very flexible so I’ve worked out a timetable with a mix of time in the office, working from home and annual leave.

Biggest Littlesheep will be spending part of it playing tennis (naturally!), Middle Littlesheep is doing a sailing course (hopefully getting his RYA level 1), Littlest Littlesheep is going to go snowboarding and Miss Littlesheep wants a sleepover at grandma’s with her girly cousins.

I asked the children what they wanted to do and here’s a list (including some of the things that featured in the ‘Things we want to do this year’) of things we might do this summer…

  • watch the Harry Potter movies
  • watch Star Wars films
  • watch Minions Movie seen 24.8.16
  • watch Angry Birds Movie seen by Bigglest Littlesheep 21.8.16
  • watch Despicable Me films
  • watch The BFG seen 30.7.16
  • hunt Pokemon done every day so far…
  • do some cooking
  • have a waterfight
  • play on Wii
  • play on DS
  • play on computer
  • play tennis done 21.8.16
  • icebucket challenge
  • have a fire fire pit bought 24.7.16 first fire had 27.7.16
  • go cycling done on holiday 18.8.16
  • go swimming done on holiday 18.8.16
  • go the Wimbledon museum
  • find the BFG dream jars in London
  • go to Legoland Windsor
  • go to Drayton Manor
  • do science experiments
  • complete craft / science kits
  • go to the seaside
  • go the zoo
  • do a Where’s Wally jigsaw completed 22.8.16
  • go on a steam train

We have a holiday booked with my parents and all my siblings and their children so that should be a filled week too – wonder if we can tick of any of the above with them? Sadly the holiday cottage we ended up with isn’t near the sea so we’ll have to try that one somewhere else.

I’ll also sign the younger three up to the library summer reading scheme – I’ve suggested that they look for recipe books and science books to tick off some of the things above… I fancy going to Roald Dahl Museum as we haven’t been there and the Stick Man Trail at Salcey Forest should be good if the weather stays nice… There is also Brick Wonders exhibition at Herbert Art Gallery visited 10.8.16 which they might like.

What are your summer holiday plans?





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