IMG_0041.JPGLike many families one activity on our Summer To Do list was a trip to the cinema to see the BFG.

First of all a top tip to get cheap tickets- cinema going is an expensive business…

and as is usual for our cinema trips I made them their own bags of pick-a-mix / popcorn to take with us to save a few more pennies too!

So the film…

In my opinion it’s a great adaptation of the book  – it’s quite scary at times even when you know the story but there are some funny moments too. I think I was most impressed with the computer editing that would have had be done to account for the size differences of Sophie and the BFG given that most of the story is between them!

I think the boys enjoyed it although the critique in the car on the way home was all about all the times the plot differs from the book – will have to watch the old cartoon film to see which one they feel is a better representation of the story!


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