International Food Week

I promised an International Food Week during the holidays following the fond memories of when we did this a few years ago.


Tapas (Spain), Fajitas (Mexico), Pizza (Italy), Curry, Rice, Naan and Poppadom (India) and Fish & Chips (UK!)

So here is our plan:

Monday: Tacos, Nachos and Rice (Mexican)

Tuesday: Paella (Spain)

Wednesday: Sushi (Japan)

Thursday: Lasagne / Calzone (Italy)

Friday: Fish & Chips! (UK)



Meal Planning: The Children’s Edition

So the children planned the summer holidays and said they wanted to do cooking – I got the impression when I started talking to them about what they were going to cook us for dinner it was more about cooking cakes but we did get a few recipe books out of the library and there are a few main meals from ‘We Can Cook: Kids in the Kitchen‘ that I hope to try out over the holidays.

  • Spicy Sausage Tortilla
  • Presto Pesto Pasta
  • Sticky Chicken
  • Honey Mustard Chicken
  • Turkey Patties
  • Ham and Mozzarella Calzone
  • Quick and Easy Risotto
  • Mini Toads-in-the-Hole
  • Thai Pork Patties
  • Cheesy Burgers

Watch this space for the outcomes (and tweaks we will undoubtedly make when I forget some of the ingredients!

Back to School Meal Planning

I neglected to post the Bank Holiday Meal plan as we didn’t really have a plan last week as it was the holidays and different children were going to be in different places at different times – but it was pretty much a typical week although being only with Middle and Miss Littlesheep on Friday we had Fish and Chips from the Chip Shop as a treat.

Recapping on the week before… things more or less went to plan – we didn’t go out on Thursday in the end so had Hunters Chicken then and we raided the freezer on Saturday for leftovers!

IMG_3116Chicken and Sesame Pasta Bake (NEW!)

This was really simple – cook tin of condensed soup (diluted with milk), stir in tin of sweetcorn and cooked chicken breast pieces, mix with cooked pasta and top with a mix of cheese and (the sneaky sesame bit) sesame seed breadsticks (left over from Christmas as *no-one* likes sesame seeds) whizzed up.

Verdict – everyone ate it without complaint except biggest Littlesheep who said the topping was yucky… he had his reheated later and the pasta had gone a big stodgy so I think maybe the soup needs to be a bit more diluted if I was to make it again.

Last week…was pretty much a typical week of meals (although we did have Fish and Chips takeaway on Driday

  • Monday: Meatball Pasta Bake
  • Tuesday: Pizza
  • Wednesday: Tuna Risotto
  • Thursday: Cheesy Peasy Pasta
  • Friday: Fish fingers, chips and beans
  • Saturday: Eat out (still have those vouchers to use!)
  • Sunday: Something NEW!… off in search of inspiration

Gangshow Meal Planning

I wasn’t very brave last week about new meals but we did more or less stick to the meal plan…

IMG_2539.JPGI suppose I could argue that our Pizza Pasta was a new recipe for us – and it went down well with all apart from Miss Littlesheep as she doesn’t like red pasta sauce!

It was pretty simple too – cook pasta in one saucepan, simmer tinned tomatoes a bit of vegetable stock in another and stir in some herbs and a tin of sweetcorn. Mix pasta and sauce and pour into a pyrex dish, cover the top with slices of pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and bake in oven until golden.

This Week

This week is the Gangshow so we have Middle Littlesheep performing each night adding an extra activity to juggle dinner around so I think it will be lots of ‘eat when you are here’ meals on the menu -those meals that can be cooked in one go and eaten in shifts.

  • Monday – meatball pasta bake (seeing as I bought meatballs last week)
  • Tuesday – pizza on the go (it’s Biggest Littlesheep’s parents evening too)
  • Wednesday – some other kind of pasta bake?
  • Thursday  – a variation on Chicken and Wild Rice One Pot
  • Friday – fish pie (breaking from tradition – hopefully Miss Littlesheep won’t be too upset!)
  • Saturday – no idea – maybe we’ll have fishfingers then to cheer her up!
  • Sunday – no idea – I have some restaurant vouchers from my last Tesco clubcard voucher exchange so maybe we’ll go out)


Monday’s Meal Plan

Last week’s meal plan was more or less followed (we swapped Saturday and Sunday over and had brunch (cooked breakfast at lunch) not brinner (cooked breakfast at dinner) due to the fact that we weren’t all going to be at home at the same time for a meal on Sunday evening. The boys were all very excited about having Hunters Chicken again so I think that is a ‘new recipe’ success that will make it into our regular menu planning!

Sweet Chilli Chicken and Coconut Rice

The ‘new’ meal – Sweet Chilli Chicken and Coconut Rice had mixed reactions (and I forgot to take a photograph)…

This was very easy (even if I didn’t manage to follow the recipe I was trying to use!):

  • To make the sweet chilli chicken – put the chicken in a pyrex dish and cover with a few tablespoons of sweet chilli dipping sauce and honey and bake in the oven until cooked.
  • To make the coconut rice cooked rice with a can of coconut milk stirring and topping up with water as necessary until cooked.


  • The boys liked the sweet chilli chicken (and happily added more chilli sauce) but Little Miss didn’t…
  • Little Miss loved the rice but the boys didn’t… there was a bit left over so I reheated it the next day sprinkled with lime juice and dairy free chocolate chips which was quite yummy too!

This Week

Monday: Pizza pasta bake? (I bought meatballs but have realised that there is some pepperoni and mozzarella left in the fridge from when I made pizza so I might use that instead and freeze the meatballs for next week)

Tuesday: Pizza

Wednmpm-different-fonts.png-1024x1024esday: Sausages?

Thursday: Tuna pasta?

Friday: Fish fingers, chips and beans

Saturday: Lasagne? (I’m out so Mr Littlesheep is in charge)

Sunday: Chicken in gravy, jacket potatoes, vegetables and batter puddings


#MealPlanningMonday (again?!?)

How can it be Monday again already? Half term went very quickly and the meal plan more or less worked (we had left-over lasagne on Thursday not meatball pasta bake because two of the boys were at Grandma and Grandpa’s) and we did indeed eat out twice which is very unusual for us.

So this week…

  • Monday: Meatball Pasta Bake
  • Tuesday: Pizza
  • Wednesday: Sweet Chilli Chicken and Coconut Rice (NEW)
  • Thursday: Pasta bolognaise?
  • Friday: Fish fingers, chips and baked beans (no surprise there!)
  • Saturday: Brinner?
  • Sunday: Hunters Chicken?

A Half Term Meal Plan

This week is half term so things are a bit different to usual but first of all a round up from last week. We actually stuck to the plan all week and had two new meals – well one was a slight variation on a favourite but the other was totally new.

The first new one was Sausage Pasta Bake – I did it the same as I would usually do for Meatball Pasta Bake but I added a teaspoon of chilli powder to the tomato sauce and used cut up cooked sausage instead of meatballs. As I say – not a totally new meal but it was all eaten up even Miss Littlesheep who only likes ‘clean’ pasta!

The ‘new’ new one was Hunters Chicken – we often have chicken covered with BBQ sauce but I thought I’d try making something ‘from scratch’.

Hunters Chicken (and potato wedges)

IMG_2351Heat 400g of passata, 1tsp of garlic salt, 2tsp of smoked paprika, 2tbsp soft brown sugar, 2tbsp balsamic vinegar until it bubbled and then I poured it over the chicken breasts in a pyrex dish and topped with rashers of bacon.  Cook in the oven for 35mins until the bacon is crispy and then sprinkle with grated cheese.

Verdict – Everyone ate it up without complaint (the wedges were a different matter!) – there was possibly a bit too much sauce but that is fine as I’ll mix that with some pasta when they have pizza later in the week. Definitely one to cook again.

This Week… (subject to change if children have suggestions!)

  • Monday: Pizza (home-made)
  • Tuesday: Lasagne
  • Wednesday: Brinner
  • Thursday: Meatball Pasta Bake
  • Friday: Fish and chips (probably from the fish and chip shop – half term treat)
  • Saturday: Eating out (my little sister’s birthday)
  • Sunday: Chicken in gravy with vegetables and jacket potatoes

Off to #mealplanningMonday and go and search out some more ideas!