We love Lego in our house so when we saw that the was a Brick Wonders exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery we went along for a look.

Some of our favourite models…

The airport scene was massive and the boys claimed that this was proof we don’t have enough Lego city and we need more…



and Littlest Littlesheep was really impressed by the huge model of the International Space Station.


And they all stood enthralled watching the Brick Wonders animations – this was the favourite of Little Miss as she loved all the Lego animals…


Then we did the trail round the other galleries finding the ‘escaped’ Lego models…

which was a great way to get the children to look in the other galleries that they wouldn’t have looked in otherwise.

And we saw the big Lego mosaic of Lady Godiva


So if you have Lego fans and live anywhere near Coventry it’s worth a visit (and the museum is free entry so a budget afternoon out too!).


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