Flowerpot Festival

We went to Giggleswick near Settle for our holidays and during July and August they have a Flowerpot Festival…


There are three trails available from the Tourist Information Centre – we had two of them but didn’t manage to follow them easily (possibly because we didn’t start at the beginning but from our holiday house!) but it didn’t really matter too much as there were flowerpot creations everywhere!

So if you are in the area or travelling nearby for your holiday why not check the Settle flowerpot festival out?



International Food Week – Update

Last time I did a menu I promised an international theme so how did it go?

We had:





Then it all went a bit off plan because of holidays… think we did manage pasta on the Thursday and we were on course for a Fish and Chip tea until we got stuck in traffic on the way to Giggleswick for our holiday and we stopped for McDonalds instead!


We love Lego in our house so when we saw that the was a Brick Wonders exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery we went along for a look.

Some of our favourite models…

The airport scene was massive and the boys claimed that this was proof we don’t have enough Lego city and we need more…



and Littlest Littlesheep was really impressed by the huge model of the International Space Station.


And they all stood enthralled watching the Brick Wonders animations – this was the favourite of Little Miss as she loved all the Lego animals…


Then we did the trail round the other galleries finding the ‘escaped’ Lego models…

which was a great way to get the children to look in the other galleries that they wouldn’t have looked in otherwise.

And we saw the big Lego mosaic of Lady Godiva


So if you have Lego fans and live anywhere near Coventry it’s worth a visit (and the museum is free entry so a budget afternoon out too!).

International Food Week

I promised an International Food Week during the holidays following the fond memories of when we did this a few years ago.


Tapas (Spain), Fajitas (Mexico), Pizza (Italy), Curry, Rice, Naan and Poppadom (India) and Fish & Chips (UK!)

So here is our plan:

Monday: Tacos, Nachos and Rice (Mexican)

Tuesday: Paella (Spain)

Wednesday: Sushi (Japan)

Thursday: Lasagne / Calzone (Italy)

Friday: Fish & Chips! (UK)


Word of the Week: Experiences


This week has been a week full of experiences.

I went with the eldest two Littlesheeps to see The BFG.

We saw Behemoth from Robot Wars.


This was at the Dunstable Downs Kite Festival where we also saw lots of different kites being flown and kite acrobatic displays, several para-gliders and watched the gliders being towed up and landing.

IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0018 IMG_0012

Then came the biggest experiences of the week for the middle two Littlesheeps.

IMG_0096 IMG_0098

Middle Littlesheep had his sailing course – he’d done some sailing with Cubs and with Grandpa (who is a sailing instructor) last summer and decided then that he wanted to do it this year so Grandpa duly took him to the lake for a week for the RYA Level 1 & 2 course which he successfully completed. Apparently he did spend the week sailing but the only photo I was sent was him in the water practicing capsizing!

Littlest Littlesheep’s long awaited two afternoons snowboarding course… This was an interesting holiday activity to arrive at and came about because I was trying to suggest things he could try – as his brothers had tennis and sailing to do… climbing, trampolining, cycling, archaeology… the list was getting more and more random until I said snowboarding and he was hooked on the idea! I think he found it harder than he imagined but seemed to enjoy himself and definitely wants to go again so for a child who doesn’t often get enthused about any ‘extra-curricular’ activities it was obviously a hit.

We saw lots of rainbows driving home from a tennis tournament along the M6 – it was almost like we were chasing the rainbow all the way home.

IMG_0055 (2)

We also did new trainers and school shoes for three of the four… that was a fairly painless experience as for once I didn’t leave it to the last minute so there was plenty of choice and no queue!

It’s going to be a week to remember of the holidays and potentially a tough one to beat!

What’s your Word of the Week?

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